How to Spend your Travel Rest Day like a Boss

Travel Apps to make you the Best Lazy Traveller you can be

Your Travel Rest Day in Kuala Lumpur

You’ve just spent six full days touring around Malaysia to see if it is Truly Asia. Your itinerary included 4 locations, 2 long bus rides, 2 World Heritage sites, and more temples than you can remember. Now, you require a mini-vacation from your vacation.

That’s why you feel absolutely no guilt about having scheduled in a couple of rest days in Kuala Lumpur before your flight back home to reality. During this time, maybe you’ll try to get tickets to the top of the Petronas Towers, take in a movie, do some shopping, or just relax in your rented condo. Here are some tips on using travel apps to help you feel like a lazy local on your day off from travel.

Airbnb is your Friend

Opt to stay in someone’s fully furnished condo instead of a cookie-cutter hotel. You can find one with a kitchen (not that you plan on cooking), a washer, a flat screen tv with cable and internet. You can stretch out in a 60m2 space instead of being cooped up in a tiny box. It’ll be your home away from home for a couple of days.

Airbnb App: WebsiteGoogle Play | Apple Appstore

Search like this: Places in KL with your Search Criteria

Get Results like these:

Install Some Apps

Now let’s get some apps installed that’ll make it easy for you to get around town, do a bit of shopping, call for a taxi, or to order food:

Kuala Lumpur City Guide – You need this to look for places to shop for food, drink, etc.
Google Play | Apple Appstore
Google translate – You can translate Malay, Chinese, and Hindi into English
Google Play | Apple Appstore
Google Maps – This is to help you get around.
Google Play | Apple Appstore
GrabTaxi – In case you need to order a taxi
Google Play | Apple Appstore
KL Transport Planner – gets you around town by public transport
Google Play
Food Panda – Order Food to your Condo from 600 restaurants
Google PlayApple Appstore

Get Some Snacks and then Relax

You’ve gone ahead and used a combination of the apps you installed earlier to: 1. Locate a place to shop for some snacks (Kuala Lumpur City Guide), 2. Figured out a route to the shop(Google Maps), 3. Taken the public transportation to get there(KL Transport Planner), and 4. Got some snacks that you think you’ll enjoy(Google Translate).

Now that you’re back at your condo, you have nothing more to do than to watch some local television, grab a beer, and pick out a restaurant to order food from(Food Panda app).

When you get a chance, don’t forget to Web Check in for your flight tomorrow and figure out whether to get to the airport by public transport(KL Transit Planner) or order a taxi (Grabtaxi App).

And I think that’s about everything you need to you. The city is your oyster.

Don’t feel the pressure to travel at a record-breaking pace all throughout your trip. Schedule a break once in awhile to smell the roses in whatever part of the world you happen to be.


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