High Tech Sack Keeps your Stuff Dry and Tidy

Sack your Stuff and Keep it Dry

I do not travel with alot of clothes; in fact, I do not own many clothes at all. This helps me as I do not not have deliberate for hours on which pants to bring on my next trip (as I only have two pair, I bring them both!). On most trips, all my clothes can all fit in one 3-liter bag. I’ve tried a multitude of different packing options and found that the best bag for me is the Sea to Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack. Here are five reasons why:

1. Keeps it Dry

The fabric of the bag is highly water resistant and has a foldable top that an be cinched down. Once properly closed, its high-tech fabric is supposed to keep water out, and I’ve found that it does this rather well. Unless you’re planning an extended water rafting trip where the bag might be submersed for hours in water, your clothes will remain dry. It will actually float for awhile!

2. Compresses your Clothes

Not only is the special fabric of the bag designed to keep water out, but it also lets you squeeze air out. What I do is jam all my clothes into the bag and close it properly. Then, I squeeze the air out of it by pressing down slowly. If I need to try to save the packing space in my backpack, I can compress it further by just sitting on the bag- it works like one of those plastic space saving compression bags, except that its way more durable.

3. Acts as a Pillow

If you’re on a plane, train, or bus and need to take a nap, you can pull out your bag. Reshape it with your desired level of firmness and it acts like a comfy pillow.

4. It’s Lightweight

The sack comes in different sizes, and all of them are lighter weight than most sack made out of natural fabric.

5. It’s Durable

There are no zippers or seals to break, the sack is quite durable. I’ve been using a set of these sacks for nearly 7 years.

The Verdict

It rocks! Using these stuff sacks are a great way to free up some space in your bag and I highly recommend it to keep your clothes dry and tidy.


The technology behind this product is that it uses a special fabric that allows the bag to be both waterproof and allow air and moisture to escape from the bag (sort of like a one way valve, except that the valve is the whole bag). This fabric (called eVent) works fairly well to keep you drier while active outdoors and is also used to make outdoor clothing items such as jackets, gloves, and ski wear. It has been cleverly adapted to bring us a very good sack that compresses well and is very water resistant.


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