The Power of the Extension Cord

The best $2 you can spend on travel gear - The Extension Cord

I travel with five things that require charging. As much as battery technology has improved, our devices seem to need increasingly more power to operate. While travelling, it’s sometimes a struggle to find a working outlet at the airport. And it did used to drive me up the wall when the only outlet in the hotel room is unreachably placed squarely behind the massive headboard of the bed. I no longer need to fume. My fix for these situations is to carry a world plug adaptor and a cheap extension cord. This one-two combo has served me well in my years of travelling.

The World travel plug adapter

Travel Adapter

You really need one of these when travelling to multiple countries. They come in many sizes, shapes, and prices. They are  cheap ($15 USD), and basically lets me connect any one of my electronics to practically any outlet in the world.

The Extension Cord


Why then would I need an extension cord?

I carry a 5 meter extension cord for two key reasons:

  • It allows me to plug in three devices at the same time.
  • I can sit anywhere within a five meters radius of the outlet.

It’s magically freeing when you no longer have to worry about running out of time to charge your phone, camera battery, and use your laptop at the same time. Time is precious when you are on a trip. I can do this without needing to fish out 3 travel adapters in either Austria or Zimbabwe. I can plug in the extension cord and stretch it across the hotel room, or two tables away in the coffee shop, or across the airport corridor to the nearby seat. Plus, you can also make instant friends by sharing outlets instead of being the outlet hog in hostels as well as other public spaces.


3 Easy Steps To Freedom of Power

You’ve got this situation

plug and outlet dont match :(
Plug and outlet do not match 🙁

Step 1: Plug in your Adapter.

plug in your adapter!
Adapter goes in

Step 2: Plug in your extension cord to the adapter.

Plug in Your Extension Cord
Extension Cord goes in

Step 3: Now you’ve got Power for 3 devices while using only one adapter.

Now you've got Power for 3 Devices!
Power for 3 Devices!
Extension Cord


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